• Mythlink is a VR monster battling game. Improve your Mythlink through 3 different stats and battle others in the Mythlink Arena!

  • The 3 Mythlink stats are strength, speed, and brain. These stats can be increased through a variety of training exercises that the player takes part in, each of which enhances a different trait.

  • These stats come into play when you battle other Mythlinks. Strength increases the amount of damage your Mythlink deals. Speed increases the speed and reaction time of your Mythlink. Brain increases both the number of abilities your Mythlink can use and the complexity of those abilities.

  • Mythlink is available now on Steam! Try the free demo, where you can go up to level 10. Any experience you gain in the demo version will carry over to the full version. If you would like to keep up on progress through the development cycle, please check out the blog.
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