A Shocking Christmas

A belated Christmas gift! This month we’ve got a few of Minorod’s abilities on display. Specifically, 3 of Minorod’s lightning-based abilities.

First up we have the “Lightning Rod” ability. Here, a Minorod will use it’s uniquely designed horn (complete with gold ring, for extra conductivity) to channel a lightning bolt from the heavens.

This ability causes Minorod to become “Electrified” which is a key mechanic. Some of Minorod’s abilities become enhanced while electrified, while some other abilities can’t be used at all unless electrified! You’ll notice that the recoil from the shock leaves Minorod slightly vunerable during it’s use, but I think you’ll find it’s well worth the risk and this ability will be integral in most Minorod loadouts!

Next up, we have the “Thunder Shock” ability. This ability is quick and deals a solid amount of damage as a ranged attack, but has a fairly narrow hitbox and can be difficult to land a precision shot. Minorod doesn’t have a ton of long range attacks, so it still might be worth a slot in your ability list!

Last, but certainly not least, is the “Hekireki” ability. This can be considered one of Minorod’s ultimate lightning abilities and can only be used while “Electrified”! This ability deals massive damage but has a long cooldown and leaves Minorod slightly vulnerable during it’s use.
Fun fact: Hekireki means “Thunderclap” in Japanese.

Keep in mind, Minorod has affinity for both lightning and earth abilities, and this is just a small selection of his overall move set. Look forward to seeing the entire moveset available on launch when Mythlink releases in 2022!

Next month, we’ll do our annual review and preview for 2021 and 2022. Stay warm and see you then!

A Shocking Christmas
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