Enter: Minorod

The time has finally arrived! The official (and pretty close to final) design for the first Mythlink! If you don’t already know, Dino, the Mythlink currently available in the demo, is not planned to be in the official full release and is just a placeholder for testing.

Without further ado, here are some basic screen captures of how the Minorod Mythlink looks.

A Minorod has 3 distinct features that give it a unique design from the minotaur mythological creature from which it is based. The first of these major differences is the horn. As you can see it has been twisted together and reaches high above his head. As mentioned in a previous blog post, a Minorod utilizes lightning and earth abilities during battle. To that end, the horn acts as a sort of “lightning rod” to help channel and unleash fierce lightning abilities!

The other 2 features can be found on his chest and back. Notice that while most of Minorod’s fur is brown, on his chest it is instead a bright yellow color and in the shape of a lightning bolt. Furthermore, on his back it is grey and in the shape of a boulder or mountain. These two symbols represent their respective elements within Mythink and help give Minorod a bit of style. I’m still working on the next Mythlink concepts, but I will probably keep this idea of adding the elemental symbols on the Mythlinks at least for the first three designs.

And that’s that! I don’t have any animations or abilities ready for Minorod yet so you can’t see it in action, but look for that in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, start preparing yourself for the full release of Mythlink! Is Minorod your style? Will a Minorod be the first Mythlink you form a Mythlink Unity with? Stay tuned and look forward to more details and updates!

Enter: Minorod
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