Mythlink Concepts Part 1

Keeping it short this month and probably for the foreseeable future as outlined in last month’s 2021 preview. If anything, I have even less time now than I had anticipated! I do apologize for delays in getting new content out this year.

The majority of recent development has been on designing new Mythlinks and abilities. I think there are some neat things in the works, but oftentimes that which sounds good on paper does not work as well in practice. We’ll see how things pan out when some prototype implementation into the game gets going.

I was going to post some picures of a few of my notes for this month’s blog showing concepts for one of the new Mythlinks, but trust me you don’t want to see my drawings and the notes are so scattered only I can understand them. They are bad. Real bad. In exchange, I can at least write out some spoilers on the first new Mythlink concept. The first Mythlink (name not yet finalized) is based off of a Minotaur and his abilities are largely related to electricity and the ground/soil. Note that, for now, elements do not play any role in damage. That is, if you use an electric move on a water type Mythlink, it does the same damage as it would to any other type of Mythlink. This is, of course, subject to change but for the time being these elements just help keep a consistent theme across individual Mythlinks and their ability “styles”.

There were also a couple bugs identified in the production build which should hopefully be fixed for a patch in March. Stay tuned.

Mythlink Concepts Part 1
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