You Spin Me Right Round

Another slow month of development (seeing a trend yet?) I read once that “90% of development takes 10% of your time while 10% of your development will take 90% of your time” and that statement is certainly coming true in these last months of polishing up the final prototype for Mythlink. That being said I do hope May will be a better month with much more progress being made to show off.

In April, however, there isn’t much to show. The good news is that it is at least a GIF! Last month’s blog mentioned that showing off the slick new animations would be all at once, but that would probably be overwhelming with the amount of changes taking place. So, instead of one massive blog with information overload, there will be a sprinkle of the new look to keep the updates at least somewhat interesting until everything is complete. Specifically, this month will show off the new UI/Menu system that is replacing the workbenches in the training room. Since all of the leveling rooms have been compressed into a single room, a slick solution was needed to keep things organized.

Looks nice, right? The menu is now animated which adds a little bit of life into what used to be boring button presses. You can press the different games you want to play and see how the menu transitions to the appropriate options for your selected game. It’s a small change, but lots of small changes will add up to a more polished feel.

Look forward to another new tidbit next month!

You Spin Me Right Round
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