Breaking New Ground

Back in December, we showed off a small sampling of Minorod and the lightning-based abilities. This month, we’ll look at the other side and preview a few of the ground-based abilities a Minorod can charge into battle with. Let’s start with a pretty boring one: “Earthen Brace”.

Earthen Brace isn’t flashy, but is a passive ability. Passive abilities are abilities that a Mythlink Unity do not directly trigger but are always active in the background. Its effect might only kick in under certain circumstances, and it still takes up an ability slot, so choose wisely. “But what does it even do?” you may ask. Earthen brace is a passive ability that helps reduce damage of environmental-based abilities.

“Wait, environmental-based abilities? That’s new!” It sure is. Environmental abilities are those which can only be activated when the entire arena is afflicted with a certain status. How does this happen? I’m glad you asked…

This is Minorod’s “Sandstorm” ability! Minorod summons a never-ending sandstorm which encompasses the entire arena. As you can see from the gif above, this sandstorm reduces visibility for all Mythlink Unities, which can turn the tide of battle if you know it’s coming! Although I just said the sandstorm is never-ending, that isn’t entirely true…but I’ll leave the meaning behind that as a mystery for now.

“Wait, what gives? The sandstorm seems much less potent now then in the gif prior!” You are correct. Which leads us to the last ability being shown this month: Sand Goggles.

Just look at how cool this dude is now! But the Sand Goggles do more than make a fashion statement, it is a passive ability that reduces the effects of environmental changes to the arena on your Mythlink Unity! When Minorod dons these, the sandstorm becomes much more manageable. It gets better, these sand goggles work against any environmental changes! However, they are most effective against sandstorms.

Exciting stuff, but I think that’s enough for now. The goal for release is each Mythlink will have 30 abilities to choose from and more than 20 of those will be completely unique to that Mythlink.

Look forward to next month’s blog, where the final Mythlink for release will finally be revealed!

Breaking New Ground
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