Enter: Urusagi

The time has finally come. Welcome to the reveal of the final Mythlink planned for the 1.0 release of Mythlink!

We’ve had our tough brawler with Minorod, our silly jokester with Galest, so what’s left? A cute and cuddly representative of course! And Urusagi (oo-roo-sah-gee) is here to fit the bill. Note these colors are not final.

So what is Urusagi? The name was generated by a play on words from the Japanese language. “Urusai” can mean to be loud while “usagi” is a rabbit. Put them together and what do you get? Urusagi. As you look closer at the design, you can see several references to this name. The base rabbit model is obvious, but there are also a healthy amount of sound related attributes. The most noticeable are the ears, which are embedded with speakers. Moving on to the belly, we can see a sort of sound wave pattern, then on the back a visualized sound wave like you may have seen during some sound/video visualization experiences.

Urusagi may look cute, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t feisty in battle! The name continues to heavily influence Urusagi’s battle elements within the game. Urusagi uses a mix of Sound (a derivative of wind) and Light elemental abilities. However, the details of that will be saved for another time! Afterall, we haven’t even covered Galest’s abilities yet. Was that a hint for next month’s topic?

Now a brief production update. Minorod is functionally complete! All abilities and animations are currently in the testing phase. For those who can do the quick math you’ll note that it is March, which is 3 months away from the target release date of June 30th. However, only 1 out of 3 Mythlinks are complete and Minorod took at least 3 months. There is some streamlining of development which will make the others go faster, but unfortunately I sense a game delay coming soon to a blog near you.

Thanks for reading, until next time…

Enter: Urusagi
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