Mid-Year Update 2019

Since we are over halfway through the year now, I thought it would be a good idea to post the status of the goals that were set forth at the beginning of the year. Below, you’ll find a very high level table showing the 3 goals that were stated in the January blog post and where they all stand now. Be aware that all of the notes in the table below are based off of being started from the prototype. This means that when the battle room says “0%” it doesn’t mean nothing has been done in the battle room and the prototype is still complete. It simply means that the battle room upgrade from prototype to full version has not been started.

Task Breakdown Completion Status
Replace Prototype Demo on Steam with Full Version 20%
Starting “dorm” room 99% Complete, not marking as 100% until tester comes back with feedback, but any tasks should be trivial
Training room 30% Puzzle is 99% complete, sending to tester this week for feedback and bugfixes. Next is the strength games
Mythlink room 0% Not Started
Battle room 0% Not Started
Tipsy Hamster Port 0% Not Started, unlikely to begin this year.
Website update ??% See notes below for specifics

As you can see, it is unlikely that the full version demo will be completed by the end of this year as was originally outlined in the goals at the beginning of the year. The amount of time needed to polish things up was grossly underestimated. The good news is overall productivity has gone up and although progress is slow it is being done consistently over time. Even an hour or two a day makes a huge difference when there are so many little things to touch up.

The Tipsy Hamster port was always a “nice to have” goal and the intention was to have a side project when frustration or boredom mounts with the Mythlink project. As time goes on this seems less and less likely. Mythlink is the highest priority to get finished and whenever the day’s work begins Mythlink is the thing I jump right into, with little to no thought about working on a side project. Overall this is likely a good thing, as it would only serve to delay Mythlink further. This is still on the table for a “someday” project.

Last but not least is the website. This is not a project for me directly, but rather people I know. I talked with the person who said they might be interested in working on it a few weeks ago and said it was still on their radar, however I don’t know exactly what this means. Not that there is a ton of rush on completing this task, but it would be nice to have. Coincidentally, Home Point Games was shown recently to another contact I have and they expressed interest on working on the website. I’ll follow up with the original person, see what their thoughts are, and if nothing else can shift the project over.

Mid-Year Update 2019
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