Mythlink Stadium Press Release

Welcome to the first public viewing of the new stadium! Formally dubbed as the “Mythlink Dome” you’ll find it has several great features for both competitors and spectators alike. It may not look like much from the outside, but let’s see what it has in store…

First and foremost, the meat and potatoes of any stadium is the main area where all the action takes place. Center stage here features a similar layout to the previous stadium where the two competitors stand elevated at ether ends of the arena where they can watch and command their Mythlinks to duke it out. You may ask yourself ‘How do the competitors get in and out of their battle locations?! I don’t see any entrances or exits!’ A fine question that is, but rest assured no expense has been spared in creating this new stadium. We’ve implemented state of the art hydraulics systems. Participants will actually be raised in from below ground into their final battle positions when ready to compete! Is there any more glorious way to enter the exciting world of Mythlink battles?

Around center stage you’ll see a zone where the most privileged people can stand ring-side to get up close and personal with the current Mythlink battle taking place. This area is mostly reserved for coaches and media personnel, but keep an eye out for special events where every day fans may be invited for a once-in-a-lifetime up close and personal attendance at a Mythlink battle! Of course, you’ll also see doors at this level for both access to this area and a medical zone in case a battle takes a turn for the worse.

Moving on to the first level of publicly available seating is the VIP section. Each VIP ticket includes a table and two chairs for maximum comfort, you can choose to bring your Mythlink companion or a friend on your VIP experience for two! Table service is readily available and included in your VIP package. The VIP section also includes it’s own VIP-only entrance and exits, so be it to get to your seat or take a restroom break you won’t be waiting in line. With only 8 VIP packages open at any given event, you can be sure these prime locations will be high in demand. Those who wish to experience Mythlink battle-viewing at it’s finest will want to keep a look out and book their tickets fast!

For fans looking for a more aerial view to watch their favorite Mythlink battles, we have several bleachers available on the second level. These bleachers have the finest padding installed and have each been individually tested for comfort and longevity. We doubt you’ll be sitting much anyway, as with this glorious high-rise view you’ll be on your feet cheering every move made by the combatants!

Missed your chance to book VIP and the second level seating? Never fear, on the third level we have a spacious standing area where there isn’t a single bad spot. From this bird-eye view you’ll catch all the action, all the thrills, all the crushing defeats and exciting victories as you stand side-by-side with fellow fans and rivals. The suspended scoreboard is easily view-able from any position and ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information on all of the combatants below.

Last but not least, we have the dome itself. Although it features state-of-the-art lighting, you can’t beat Mother Nature and fresh air. The dome is completely retractable and will be opened when weather allows and the combatants have agreed to the conditions. Not only that, but the colors around the dome will change based on the participants selected colors! In these images, red is the Home player while blue is the away.

As you can see, the new Mythlink Dome will bring joy for years to come and improvements will continue to be made! For those of you asking “Wow! How did the Mythlink Association and Home Point Games afford such a grand stadium?” Well, never fear! The $14 billion stadium was completely funded by tax payer dollars and not a cent came from anywhere else. The roads may not be repaired for several decades, but when the action is this intense you won’t mind the sacrifice. Book your tickets now for the upcoming Mythlink season!

So yeah, instead of changes to the training room this month here is a little preview of the new Mythlink stadium where battles will take place.

Mythlink Stadium Press Release
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