Proceed With Testing

Good news! More rigorous bug testing has finally resumed. This means that the patch, available now, exclusively features bug fixes. The next speed game will debut soon (maybe Sept.), but in order to keep things at least somewhat entertaining I’ll do a preview this month. Let’s check it out.

For those of you who are keeping score, this game is actually the evolution of the original “Button Presser” training mode. When I went back to the drawing board of how to evolve Button Presser, I first evaluated the name. Button Presser was a lame name and was going to be changed to “Push It” (a name I still might use for a later purpose). From there, I said ok well now the game needs variation‚Ķmaybe I should add a horizontal component to the game since all of the buttons existed only on a vertical plane. The next step was looking how to spice it up visually. The buttons are already used for the UI so something more fun needed to be developed. “Oh!” I said, “Maybe objects should come flying in from the ceiling and from the one wall heading to the other.” Long story short, it eventually became what you see below: “Color Blitz”

The basic concept of Color Blitz is simple. Shapes of different colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) will fly from one end of the room to the other. Your goal is to stop them by using the matching color controller to touch the objects before they reach the other side of the room. One of the controllers will be red, one will be blue, and yellow means you must use both hands. The shapes and movement patterns of the flying objects can vary as the game proceeds, so you need to be quick! Expect Color Blitz to be available in the patch next month.

Alright, now for the brief notes of what has changed starting today.

Bug Fixes

Restructured the networking architecture and improved networking performance by reducing the overall amount of data sent by a significant amount.

Fixed a problem where fire breath could deal damage through the shield ability.

Fixed a bug where a Mythlink could stay float after being defeated.

Fixed a rare problem with saved data corruption.

Adjusted the fire breath damage particle effect to be more appropriate.

Fixed a problem where cooldowns were not being appropriately reset between the rounds of an online match.

Added a slight delay to the fire breath damage to prevent “ghost” defeats.

Look forward to Color Blitz soon!

Proceed With Testing
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