Quest Failed

As you may infer from the title, unfortunately I was not successful in my venture to port Mythlink to Oculus Quest. It’s not that it couldn’t be done, but the timing is not quite right. Long story short, there is a nifty API that helps allow for the development of multiple VR ecosystems all in one. However, Valve is a bit behind on implementing their end into the system. It’s still possible, mind you, but it would mean losing the nice input features that I recently upgraded to. I could have still done it, but that would mean maintaining a separate build, only to have to then later re-do it yet again once Valve finishes their implementation. I don’t think the effort is worth it really, especially since the Quest version won’t have online play. This will have to wait.

Luckily, I did discover all of this relatively early in my development research and had the remainder of the month to work on other things. In fact, I had enough time to develop the first speed training exercise! Bare with me on the name here, it’s a little lame but I’m going with it. Formerly called “dodgeball”, now available in the latest Steam update is “Baller Dodge”.

Let’s get into the patch notes:

New Features

Training Room

The first speed game is available- Baller Dodge. The goal of this game is pretty simple, last as long as you can. Various balls will be thrown at you at varying speeds and directions. There is nothing you can do but keep out of their way. Be fast on your feet and dodge as many as you can!

Battle Room

The fireworks effect for winning has been improved.

Bug Fixes

Greatly enhanced Pile Up performance once again. Full disclosure on this one, there was a ton of debug code that I had accidentally left in. Things have been entirely cleaned up and now the performance should be as one would expect.

Fixed a problem where the demo Mythlink wouldn’t spawn in some cases

Fixed a bug where high scores could be manipulated.

Fixed a problem where grabbing the height adjustment handles while pressing buttons would cause strange behavior.

And there you have it! Next month I’ll be working on the second speed game. Whether or not it will finished in time for an update is unknown, but it should for sure be in there by September. Have fun!

Quest Failed
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