This is How You Do It

The bane of every independent developer has been added to Mythlink! That is to say, there is now a brief “tutorial” section. The tutorial room allows users to select their starting Mythlink, learn a bit about how the game works, and even view the game credits. 

The most significant part of this update is it signifies essentially the completion of Mythlink. All fundamentals have now been implemented. Of course, there is still a lot to be done- adding polish, new Mythlinks, new abilities, new training exercises, and so much more. Those will come in time and perhaps the game will never be truly complete, or at least not within the next year or two. In any case, more detail will be covered on the future of Mythlink in the annual review blogpost which takes place in January. Expect a big update full of news and planning.

Until then, have fun with the final patch of the year!

New Features

The Tutorial Room has been added.

The tutorial room contains several features for first timers including the title screen, formation of the first Mythlink Unity, notes about the world, how the game works, and developer credits.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem where the game was not appropriately scaling to play area

This is How You Do It
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