A Number of Stats

Another room down! This month’s patch includes the “Mythlink” room, where you can hang out, customize, and play with your Mythlink!* (*Note, you cannot yet actually hang out or play with your Mythlink in this room.) As shown last month, the primary focus of this room is to prep your Mythlink for battle. Previously, we covered how you can change your Mythlink’s abilities for battle. This time let’s talk about stats.

One of the features in Mythink is the ability to change your battle stats at will before going into battle. This should help reduce overall “grind” and increase flexibility of play styles. Eventually, online battles will be broken up into tiers, where only Mythlinks of similar level will be matched up. In other similar games, you may have to raise an entirely new character in order to hit the level requirements, but in Mythlink you can always just adjust your stats down or up to fit any requirements and experiment with various loadouts. 

The menu above should be fairly straightforward, but let’s review it anyway. At the top you’ll see your active Mythlink’s current stats. If you were to go into a battle after looking at this, it would be with the selected Mythlink at those stats. The next layer has several buttons where you can adjust those stats based on your level availability. You can tweak the stats up and down, max them out, or set them to zero as you see fit. The next layer shows the total number of “levels” available on each of those stats. Finally, the last row shows the max number of levels you have achieved for each of the stats as obtained through the training room. 

And that’s it! Once your stats are adjusted, you can go back to the loadout menu, assign abilities, and you’re ready for battle! In fact, that’s the next implementation I will be working on for December, that is, having your scores in the training room translate into experience points which then provide levels for the various stats. The fruits of your labors in the training room will finally come forth!

New Features

The Mythlink Room has been added.

This room focuses on customization of your Mythlink. You can change your current active Mythlink (which will be used for battle and leveling), adjust stats, and adjust abilities for battle.

Training Room

Added level/experience tracking to the Training Room. Please not that training games do not grant experience yet.

Battle Room

Added total level tracker to the Battle Room.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem with backwards-compatible save files.

A Number of Stats
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