Urusagi Gets Moving

Lots of activity as the ramp to June demo update continues. Crazy to think I was hoping to do the full release at this time when it still feels so far away. The one upside to releasing later is there is plenty of exciting blog content to cover in the meantime.

Urusagi has been through a lot since last featured. In addition to a completely revamped color palette, Urusagi now has some animations to prepare for the major demo release next month. Let’s take a look at a small selection of Urusagi’s style that you can look forward to. 

First, we’ve got a walk animation. Simple, but Urusagi always makes things look cute and fun.

Next up is the jump animation. Urusagi doesn’t have long legs, so you might not expect strong jumping power, but don’t forget…Urusagi is a rabbit! At least their hopping capabilities may surprise you.

Now that it’s been established that Urusagi can jump, do you remember the other origin of the name…? It has to deal with being loud! Urusagi is a sound-based Mythlink and that is represented in many ways. Just take a look at what happens when Urusagi emerges from a Mythlink battle victorious!

Has seeing things in motion enticed you to select Urusagi as your starting Mythlink? Better make your decision soon…the big demo releases next month, complete with all three starting Mythlinks to choose from!

Please look forward to it!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Mythlink this month

Urusagi Gets Moving
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