You Call That a Punch?!

Moving on to the next revision of what used to be known as the “Gym”, we come to the overhaul of the strength-based games. First things first, what is the most important aspect of all of the current strength games? The punch of course! The “punch” effect is used throughout each of the games and is the single point of where users can both receive feedback and more importantly acquire points. That being said, let’s take a look at the original punch effect…

Yuck! What was that? Where is the oomph?! The pizzazz?! The feeling of power and satisfaction in each strike?! Needless to say, this has got to go. While this was plenty suitable for prototyping, it’s too boring for the next level of Mythlink quality. I believe the biggest single problem is this being a perfect case of too analytical for it’s purpose. Yes, it provides clear and concise information on how many points you scored with the punch, your current multiplier, and where your last punch landed, but really, does that matter at all? I would guess to 99.9% of players, it does not and instead results in a cluttered and boring effect on something that should get you pumped to keep swinging.

Enter the new punch effect.

Much better I think! This effect still conveys all of the relevant information from the punch but in a much more fun and exciting way. You can see that punches of greater strength have greater effects: punch hard enough and your punch strength values change color, add exclamation points to the result, and even add a brand new effect if you really land a good hit. Also note that as your multiplier value goes up, the color of the multiplier text gets more “intense” and even pops up when certain milestones are hit! Specifically at the x2, x3, x4 and x5 values.

You Call That a Punch?!
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