A Grind-It-Out Month

As you may have guessed from the late-month post, not too much to show off this time! Instead, I’ll just give an update of where everything is at in the development pipeline (jeez this really is starting to sound like work now).

The Next Mythlink: Design is finished and the concepts have already been sent to the artist for modeling. I was hoping they would have the first pass check ready before this post, but it seems they did not. I would fully expect the modeling to be ready for showing next month.

The Third Mythlink: Design is wrapping up. It should be 100% finished within the next few days here, but since the artist is still backlogged on the second Mythlink, there is really not too much of a rush on this. Good news there is it is ready to go right after the second Mythlink is complete. This means we are well on track for full release in the first half of 2022 as planned.

Elemental Logos: I’ve talked a bit about elements in the past. Although they don’t have any real effect on damage or anything like that, they are still thematic and therefore need representation. I’ve developed a set of icons that represent each of the elements. Right now they are being worked to clean up from rough sketches to nice vector images for future use. I’ll show these off in a future blog post when nothing else of interest is available.

And that’s that. Kind of a lame update, but it is what it is! Can’t be all action all the time, am I right? Check back next month where hopefully it will be a mini showcase of the second Mythlink!

A Grind-It-Out Month
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