Minorod Gets Moving

First, in order to get the elephant out of the room, we need to announce that unfortunately, Mythlink did not win the weekly fan favorite in the Game Development World Championship. Ah well, there will be more contests in the future. In fact, since Mythlink will not be officially released until next year, we will get another chance to participate in the GDWC fan favorite vote then! I believe we put up a valiant fight, and a true thanks to everyone who took the time to vote! We’ll take home the gold next time!

Alright so after much time wasting and delay, it’s finally time to show off some of the basic animations for Minorod! There will certainly be more as time goes on, and keep in mind that these are just the basic animations without any of the “flair” of special effects and so on. It’s just more fun to see things in motion, right?

Running animation as seen last month
Basic Walk Animation (What a cool lookin’ dude)
A fierce multi-hit horn attack!
We did it! On our way to creating the best Mythlink Unity ever!
Oh jeez, we were defeated. How Embarrassing…(ok this one is a work in progress)
Let’s get outta here!

Next month…well honestly I’ve been so busy that there have been virtually no Mythlink developments over the past several weeks. The next thing to tackle will be getting the modeling and animations going for the next Mythlink. The concept sketches are almost done, but it still needs to be finalized and sent to the artist for modeling. With some luck, it will be ready by the end of next month. So here’s hoping I have something at least mildly interesting to show! Until then, cheers!

Minorod Gets Moving
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