Enter: Galest

The leaves are changing, it’s getting cooler outside, and October is approaching. That can only mean one thing, Halloween is just around the corner! That being the case, what better time to introduce the ghost themed Mythlink!

These are still some very early 3D drafts of the Mythlink, as you’ll note by the lack of color, but after last month’s admittedly lame blog we needed something with a little bit more substance this month, no?

The concept with Galest started with the idea that we have a sort of brawny-tough guy Mythlink with Minorod, so in order to widen the appeal of the first set of Mythlink’s I wanted something kind of on the not-quite-scary, mischievous, side of things and then we’ll round it out with a cute-ish Mythlink at the end (*hint*hint*).

Starting from the top, Galest has some tendril-like looking hairs coming out of the top of his head. This is actually representative of the Wind elemental symbol, which you will see in a future blog post. The head is fairly basic, but you can see Galest Mythlink’s have devious looking eye slits, and a grin that shows they are up to no good.

Moving onto the arms, you may have detected that they aren’t even attached to a Galest’s body! Indeed, the hands are free floating around the Galest, which they use both in their abilities and to pull pranks outside of the arena.

Finally, if we look at the bottom half of a Galest, you’ll notice they don’t really have much of a body! Rather, it’s almost like a mini cyclone that is in constant motion. You may think that it is Wind related, but actually, it doubles as the symbol for the Dark element when viewed from below! A neat touch no?

Please keep in mind that this is just a pure 3D model of a Galest! Being a ghost, there will be plenty of visual effects that will accompany this model, making Galest more “ghost-like” and ethereal when you encounter them in game. For those who don’t know, you don’t handle that sort of thing during the modeling process, it’s all done afterward.

If you haven’t already guessed from the visual overview, Gameplay-wise, Galest Mythlinks use wind and dark themed attacks. Some of their attacks can even directly influence your opponents movement! Talk about a hinderance! Their mischievous personality will definitely come into play when you either utilize or face off against this ghastly Mytlink.

Of course, none of this is completely finalized and everything is subject to change before the final release of Mythlink next year. Next month, to round out our spooky showcase, I hope to show some of the animations of Galest so you can see the cheeky fellow in action! Until then…

Enter: Galest
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