Achievement Unlocked

No April Fools prank this year, instead just some new unlockable content in Mythlink, available now! That’s right, after last month’s addition of Steam community content to the game, it was time to round out the rest of the release and push out one more key piece of digital bling into the ecosystem. That is, of course, game achievements!

A grand total of 15 achievements are now ripe for the taking within Mythlink. There is a healthy mix of challenge ranging from fairly easy to pretty difficult. Let’s take a look at what these achievements entail, including a sneak peak into how to unlock the hidden achievements!

These should be pretty self explanatory. Unlock each of the Mythlinks, get some killer high scores, and win some online matches. Simple enough, right? Right. But don’t underestimate some of those score thresholds! While they are far from impossible, it will definitely take some skill and practice to unlock them all.

Readers of this blog will get the inside scoop on how to unlock the two hidden achievements as well. One of them deals with cracking the glass boxes in the menus, which I bet you didn’t even know you could do! The other will get unlocked through a random event while playing Baller Dodge. Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually!

Pretty short update this month. Next month we’ll cover more details on one of the Mythlinks not yet covered! What could that mean I wonder…a new Mythlink? I did say no April Fools pranks this year…or did I?

Yes. Yes, I did.

See you then!

Achievement Unlocked

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