Is Seeing Believing?

It’s that special time of year again, my friends you see.

Now gather ’round, so you may hear my decree.

The Mythlink release date is announced for all to behold.

And this time for real. Believe it! Tenfold!

“But why should we trust this time around?” you cry.

A fair response, I cannot lie.

And no good reply, do I have for thee.

But ’tis the season for believing, so give it a shot, for me?

January twentieth, I say, with nothing up my sleeve.

This time for sure, I dare not deceive.

A new trailer we have, though only the date has changed.

I’ve even got it here, linked and arranged.

And so we come to the end, of this holiday story.

Was it a bit annoying? or a fun allegory?

Worry not my friends, for next time shall not be so wordy.

Even for me, this is a little bit too nerdy.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the blog and thank you for a great year filled with both ups and downs! Next one will be on January 20th discussing the release, followed by the typical year in review at the end of January. See you then!

(for the ease of searching: Mythlink Release Date will be January 20th, 2023!)

Is Seeing Believing?

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