Mythlink: Steam Next Fest October 2022

The last monthly blog post before the 1.0 release, just two weeks to go! What better way to get the hype train started than with a whole slew of marketing materials? The only question is where to start…

Let’s go with trailers! Two new trailers are available now for your viewing pleasure. First up, the fun and exciting release trailer:

Next up, we have a narrated trailer which talks players through some of the mechanics of the game.

I think both of those trailers turned out great and am very happy to have them represent the game. Now let’s get into the information based on the title of this blog post, which is the Steam Next Fest! 

I won’t bore you with all of the details of Next Fest, but in short it is a way for upcoming games to get highlighted within Steam. The catch is your game must have a demo…which Mythlink just so happens to have. With Steam Next Fest comes some some cool templates that were used to create advertising material for the game!

That’s not all, the real exciting news is that Next Fest also allows for live streams (2, to be exact) where you can demo your game live for an audience and have a chance to be featured. Mythlink will take full advantage of this opportunity. 

Note the stream times in the graphics above- October 7th at 6pm PST and October 9th at 8am PST. I will personally be hosting these live streams, showing off the game, and interacting with viewers. We’ll be going live at the game Steam page:

Hope to see you there! Look forward to the next post on release day, October 14th!

Mythlink: Steam Next Fest October 2022

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