Sounding Off

Only 44 days left until the full 1.0 release of Mythlink! Even with the looming release date, I would be remiss if Urusagi’s techniques were not highlighted in at least one blog post before release. So let’s take a look at some of the loud rabbit’s sound abilities!

Urusagi likes to mess around with stats and has ways to both temporarily increase or decrease various attributes of Mythlinks. The first showcased ability “Dal Segno” does just that.

For you non-music readers out there, a dal segno is a crazy looking piece of music notation meaning “from the sign” that you probably have at least seen before. It signifies that the musician should go back and repeat a section of music already played. 

In Mythlink, Urusagi plays on this meaning a bit by temporarily setting one of the stats from your opponent backwards (they are repeating a stat value from earlier). The first time the ability is used, a successful hit will drop your opponent’s strength stat, the next time it will affect the brain stat, and finally the speed stat, before looping back and repeating the cycle.

Dal Segno is great, but let’s shift from music reading to dancing. Let’s get going with some Disco Fever!

With this technique, Urusagi conjures a deadly disco ball above the arena. After a brief time, the disco ball rains downward, dealing damage and slowing ANY Mythlink down who enters its range. Disco is all about freedom, freedom to affect even the Urusagi who triggered it!

Quite possibly my favorite of the environment abilities, when Urusagi triggers a “concert” things really get mixed up.

Urusagi summons a set of giant speakers from the sky, which land on the outskirts of the arena and immediately start causing chaos! The speakers launch sound waves across the arena which push things in their path. This can really mix up a battle as position becomes a bit more complicated. Of course, Urusagi can affect the concert even more than shown here…but some things are best kept secret for release.

As always, thanks for checking out this month’s blog post. Over the next month I plan to create a bunch of media materials to help increase the quality of the now horribly out of date videos and screenshots used to advertise the game. I’ll showcase the fruits of my labor next time. 


Sounding Off

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