The GDWC 2021 Weekly Favorite Round 1

Monday June 7, 2021

A very special edition of the monthly blog! The original blog post will be pushed to next month in lieu of something more important and exciting! Mythlink is currently a candidate in the Game Development World Championship, weekly fan favorite contest! For those of you who want to cut straight to it, the link is here:  […]

To the Greatest Manga-ka

Monday May 24, 2021

This month’s post is dedicated to Kentaro Miura, who passed away unexpectedly back on May 6th. Miura-sensei was the author and creator of the “Berserk” manga series, a work I personally consider among the best pieces of media ever created. Every page of the manga is a masterpiece, but what really brings it all together is […]

Enter: Minorod

Tuesday April 27, 2021

The time has finally arrived! The official (and pretty close to final) design for the first Mythlink! If you don’t already know, Dino, the Mythlink currently available in the demo, is not planned to be in the official full release and is just a placeholder for testing. Without further ado, here are some basic screen […]

Spring Means Bugs

Sunday March 21, 2021

Spring Greetings! First things first, a small patch is now available which fixes some minor bugs. Nothing too special there. In other news, the next Mythlink is well on it’s way to having it’s model completed! I plan to show it off in next month’s blog post. I received the initial model and was pretty […]

Mythlink Concepts Part 1

Wednesday February 10, 2021

Keeping it short this month and probably for the foreseeable future as outlined in last month’s 2021 preview. If anything, I have even less time now than I had anticipated! I do apologize for delays in getting new content out this year. The majority of recent development has been on designing new Mythlinks and abilities. […]

Looking Forward and Looking Back, 2020-2021

Saturday January 2, 2021

Sticking with the annual tradition, this blog post will be a complete review of the last year and also what this next year will bring. Not too much else to say, so let’s jump into it. 2020 I would call 2020 a resounding success for Home Point Games and Mythlink. Development was swift and with […]

This is How You Do It

Tuesday December 15, 2020

The bane of every independent developer has been added to Mythlink! That is to say, there is now a brief “tutorial” section. The tutorial room allows users to select their starting Mythlink, learn a bit about how the game works, and even view the game credits.  The most significant part of this update is it […]

A Number of Stats

Monday November 30, 2020

Another room down! This month’s patch includes the “Mythlink” room, where you can hang out, customize, and play with your Mythlink!* (*Note, you cannot yet actually hang out or play with your Mythlink in this room.) As shown last month, the primary focus of this room is to prep your Mythlink for battle. Previously, we […]

Locked and Loaded

Thursday October 15, 2020

A very busy month and unfortunately, it was busy with things that did not include Mythlink. There won’t be a new patch, but there is some stuff to show off! The Mythlink room might be finished by November. If not, for sure it will be published in December. Anywho, let’s look at some new stuff! […]

A Splash of Color

Thursday September 17, 2020

Keeping it short this month. Color Blitz is now available in the latest demo update! What’s coming up? Well, let’s switch it up a bit. Instead a new game or online features…it’s time for a new room. The Mythlink room! This is where you’ll be able to hang out and customize your Mythlink for battle. […]

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