Mythlink: Release Update

Wednesday October 12, 2022

An important update about the planned Steam release of Mythlink.

Mythlink: Steam Next Fest October 2022

Friday September 30, 2022

The last monthly blog post before the 1.0 release, just two weeks to go! What better way to get the hype train started than with a whole slew of marketing materials? The only question is where to start… Let’s go with trailers! Two new trailers are available now for your viewing pleasure. First up, the […]

Sounding Off

Wednesday August 31, 2022

Only 44 days left until the full 1.0 release of Mythlink! Even with the looming release date, I would be remiss if Urusagi’s techniques were not highlighted in at least one blog post before release. So let’s take a look at some of the loud rabbit’s sound abilities! Urusagi likes to mess around with stats and […]

Mythlink: Official Release Details

Sunday July 31, 2022

I know it’s been kind of announced a couple times before, but this time it’s official. Mythlink is coming. And it is coming soon. How soon exactly? Less than 90 days. Let me help put a number on that for you.  Release Date: October 14th 2022Full Retail Price: $9.99Launch Sale Price: $8.99 (10% discount)Store Page: […]

Hands On

Friday July 1, 2022

It has been a very long time since there has been a published demo update, but that day has come again! There are too many changes from the last demo to note, but if you’ve been following along you should have a pretty good idea of what’s all in store. There is one change, however, […]

Urusagi Gets Moving

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Lots of activity as the ramp to June demo update continues. Crazy to think I was hoping to do the full release at this time when it still feels so far away. The one upside to releasing later is there is plenty of exciting blog content to cover in the meantime. Urusagi has been through […]

Breaking Wind

Saturday April 30, 2022

Without further ado…let’s get the bad news out of the way. I struggled with this a little, but there is no way I will be able to make the release date of June 30th of this year. Even if I pushed really hard and released a bug-riddled mess, it would STILL be incomplete. There is […]

Enter: Urusagi

Thursday March 31, 2022

The time has finally come. Welcome to the reveal of the final Mythlink planned for the 1.0 release of Mythlink! We’ve had our tough brawler with Minorod, our silly jokester with Galest, so what’s left? A cute and cuddly representative of course! And Urusagi (oo-roo-sah-gee) is here to fit the bill. Note these colors are […]

Breaking New Ground

Saturday February 19, 2022

Back in December, we showed off a small sampling of Minorod and the lightning-based abilities. This month, we’ll look at the other side and preview a few of the ground-based abilities a Minorod can charge into battle with. Let’s start with a pretty boring one: “Earthen Brace”. Earthen Brace isn’t flashy, but is a passive […]

Looking Forward and Looking Back, 2021-2022

Thursday January 13, 2022

This is now what…the 4th year of doing these annual review/preview blogs? You know the drill, let’s do it. 2021 A slow year for development. After 2020’s blistering pace, 2021 came to a screeching halt. Nevertheless, there were things that got done. 1) Mythlink 3D Models and Animations There was some decent success here in […]

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