A Shocking Christmas

Monday December 27, 2021

A belated Christmas gift! This month we’ve got a few of Minorod’s abilities on display. Specifically, 3 of Minorod’s lightning-based abilities. First up we have the “Lightning Rod” ability. Here, a Minorod will use it’s uniquely designed horn (complete with gold ring, for extra conductivity) to channel a lightning bolt from the heavens. This ability […]

Not Stuffed

Saturday November 27, 2021

And just like that, the holiday season has begun! Unfortunately, the blog post this month is not very seasonal. That is, instead of getting a hearty helping of content updates instead there is…nothing! Indeed, rest assured that development is moving along but currently the game is in a “grind it out” stage without much to […]

Galest Gets Moving

Monday October 25, 2021

‘Tis the season for ghosts! What better time to show off some of the animations for the just announced ghost Mythlink- Galest? This is just an animation preview, so it won’t be as detailed or implemented in the game like back in July when we did similar for Minorod. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything else […]

Enter: Galest

Tuesday September 28, 2021

The leaves are changing, it’s getting cooler outside, and October is approaching. That can only mean one thing, Halloween is just around the corner! That being the case, what better time to introduce the ghost themed Mythlink! These are still some very early 3D drafts of the Mythlink, as you’ll note by the lack of […]

A Grind-It-Out Month

Monday August 30, 2021

As you may have guessed from the late-month post, not too much to show off this time! Instead, I’ll just give an update of where everything is at in the development pipeline (jeez this really is starting to sound like work now). The Next Mythlink: Design is finished and the concepts have already been sent […]

Minorod Gets Moving

Saturday July 17, 2021

First, in order to get the elephant out of the room, we need to announce that unfortunately, Mythlink did not win the weekly fan favorite in the Game Development World Championship. Ah well, there will be more contests in the future. In fact, since Mythlink will not be officially released until next year, we will […]

The GDWC 2021 Weekly Favorite Round 1

Monday June 7, 2021

A very special edition of the monthly blog! The original blog post will be pushed to next month in lieu of something more important and exciting! Mythlink is currently a candidate in the Game Development World Championship, weekly fan favorite contest! For those of you who want to cut straight to it, the link is here:  […]

To the Greatest Manga-ka

Monday May 24, 2021

This month’s post is dedicated to Kentaro Miura, who passed away unexpectedly back on May 6th. Miura-sensei was the author and creator of the “Berserk” manga¬†series, a work I personally consider among the best pieces of media ever created. Every page of the manga is a masterpiece, but what really brings it all together is […]

Enter: Minorod

Tuesday April 27, 2021

The time has finally arrived! The official (and pretty close to final) design for the first Mythlink! If you don’t already know, Dino, the Mythlink currently available in the demo, is not planned to be in the official full release and is just a placeholder for testing. Without further ado, here are some basic screen […]

Spring Means Bugs

Sunday March 21, 2021

Spring Greetings! First things first, a small patch is now available which fixes some minor bugs. Nothing too special there. In other news, the next Mythlink is well on it’s way to having it’s model completed! I plan to show it off in next month’s blog post. I received the initial model and was pretty […]

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